The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond






Ballad of Thunderstorm




Samantha Seto



Our brains ache in merciless winds of darkness,

wearied, we keep awake because night is silent.

Like twitching agonies of men, I hear dull rumor,

worried by whispers that confuse our memory.


The distressed misery of dawn begins to grow,

we only know of war lasts, rain soaks, cloud sag stormy.

Melancholy army cast attacks on shivering grays,

windows less deadly, curtains shudder with steady wind.


Pale flakes of stealth come to our faces,

we cringe in holes of dreams, trance mode.

Ghosts drag us home into the innocent hours,

the doors are closed, shadows point us towards bed.


Frost fastened us into the mud, shriveling my hands,

no sun could smile down on our invisible dreams,

abandoned, we have age and dust in our graves.

Thunderclaps grow louder, I hide underneath the covers

from flashes of light painted across the sky.


Samantha Seto's work  has been published in various anthologies including CeremonySoul FountainBlue Hour, Coffee Table Poetry, Carcinogenic Poetry, and Black Magnolias Journal. Samantha studies creative writing and is a third prize poet of the Whispering Prairie Press.

Contact Editor: Pamela Tyree Griffin

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