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Three From Shatawa Monroe





Flowers are beautiful, with petals

Dancing as if they were flying through

The wind but each one in its own

Little world. And colors brilliant

And vibrant, not one like another.

Strains of strength, of beautiful green

Threads, each one has its own face

And personality. Beads softly

Structured that makes up the life

It calls its home, looking for its

Mate to make a new bud of life.

You never knew that flowers are

Just like you and I; they flourish,

Conceive beautiful offspring of soft petals,

Concentrated color and sexy texture

That cheer you up on your darkest

Day. And who would imagine

That just a seed could bring

So much nourishment

to an ordinary life.








Sometimes I feel like the characters from the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite movies I watched as a little girl.


What if I could make up my own fairy tale? How would it go, what would it be like to live beyond the rainbow where only good things happen? But that could never be in all reality, why would I want it to be?  There are different points in my life where I felt like each character from the movie:


If I only had a brain…..I should have stayed in school; I got pregnant too soon. I was 21 but I wasn’t successful enough. And on top of that, my son has a worthless dad. And now I blame myself because I didn’t think with my head, I thought with my body.


There where times I didn’t have a heart… because it got hurt so many times I just lost feeling. So I pretend it wasn’t there so I couldn’t catch feelings. And so what if you want to run the streets, go ahead and leave, I will be just fine without you.


Courage…I wish I had courage to stop the man that beat my mother and made her lose her teeth, or the one that took my virginity, but like the cowardly lion I am going down the yellow brick road looking for the wizard to give me the brains, heart and courage I need to live in my world of self-destruction and hate.


But I know there is no wizard, it’s just me standing behind a curtain that leads to the past.


Well, it’s time for me and my little dog to go to a place that I can call home, never to return to to this yellow brick road.






If only I had one wish, I would ask for more wishes…

I would wish for peace on earth, that way no one would get  hurt.

I would wish for Love with no pain and no heartache.

I would wish for no more fatherless children, because

nowadays a man doesn’t need an excuse to run out on his kids.

The world would be a much better place

if every man stepped up to the plate.

I would wish that the world was colorblind,

no white, black, red or green why can’t we be on creed,

I wonder how that would be.

Just think, would there still have been slavery?

And what about the war, you know,

the war on drugs, no bustin your gun.

No more blood on the street and young bodies laying six feet deep.

I would ask for the ability to turn back time

so I can remember the first time I look in to my babies’ eyes

and how it felt to cry tears of joy

instead of tears that drain the life out of you.

I wish for Love at first Sight.





SHATAWA MONROE of Springfield, MA, is a single mother of two lovely kids and is currently working on the next best seller.