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 Song Of Love



Shelly Wiseberg


  Hearts sang in sweet melody
  lovers tune in harmony
  a duet of musical history
  shared together in destiny
  in romantic nights of ecstasy
  shine through our souls in eternity.
  From now until then
  dancing in the moonlight
  embracing under the stars
  never wanting it to end.
  Knowing it was meant to be
  the unison of you and me
  path in fate in chemistry
  serenading each other
  until the sun came up
  glowing on us both
  kissing our souls awake
  in a beautiful dream of reality.





SHELLY WISEBERG is a published author of four books in poetry, written from her own personal viewpoints on a variety of subjects.

Shelly’s poetry "explores the heart and soul on the path of healing oneself spiritually and looking inward for the answers through listening to one's inner voice and using intuition as your guide."

Shelly lives in Montreal Quebec, Canada with her husband Tom and their two cats. Her email address is