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The Shine Journal likes to keep up with its creatives! Why? So we may showcase them of course. Every family-at least most families- likes to show off when members have accomplishments. So, if you are being published and want the world to know ( or at least our little part of it ) please drop me a line and I will post it here.

Here are the latest announcements!

Keisha Grant

Short story "The Missing" published in the June 2008 (13th Issue) of the print journal, Taj Mahal Review.


Catherine DiCairano


Short story "Snow Blowing and Grass Growing" will appear in Word Riot.


Short story "Don't Put Your Bitch On" will appear in The Chick Lit Review for July/August 2008


Essay "Dead Serious" will appear in On the Brighter Side, for October publication.


Flash fiction"Top Scorer"  has been published in Bewildering Stories issue 294 



Jim Harrington:

"A Forever Love," is now online in Issue 296 of Bewildering Stories.

"The Robber's Fiance," (based on the Grimm fairy tale, "The  Robber Bridegroom") is now up on Static Movement.