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You Took From Me




Spencer Turnage



You are the he who took from me

   All that I might have had

Who has blight tomorrow’s light

    From yesterday’s ghetto pad.


Who did take what I make

   Even the fruits of my mind

Not only use but you did abused

Each asset you did find.


As coffee with cream doesn’t it seem

   our best was weakened with you

For lustful joys from human toys

  You ravished our families in two.


For ages you made the pages

   Of my history so awfully vague

Taught me to lack while you abstract

   Those visions you spread as a plague.


How long must I weep before I complete

   Training in your land of the free?

When will the marred be fully debarred

   For me to taste true liberty?


You took my land out of my hand

   Making me barren of nation.

You left in return a fire which burns

   To halt this human damnation.


 So I’ll just sigh then remit this cry

   (that luxury you did let me keep)

I’ll be enviously stinging for bells a ringing

   To say, "Freedom is oh, so sweet!




SPENCER TURNAGE from St Louis, MO has two grown daughters and a wife who has been mostly disabled due to illness for more than a decade. "My life has been full with operating a handy service and construction company for many years with decades of participating in community activities. Fishing, cooking gardening and writing are my passions for relaxing and contemplating."
"The poem He Took From Me was one of my protest writes about the unfairness of how some are treated and how some saw it from a 1970's view."  SPENCER can be contacted at