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Two Works From Stacie Mansen


And as Elephants Parade Holding Each Elephant's Tail...William Stafford, A Ritual To Read To One Another





Stacie Mansen


So what does that really mean,

If you stumble and fall that I must inevitably fail?

If you can't handle the pressure and you break

does that mean both our lives are at stake?

If you go too fast not seeing the eternal light

Does that mean that I too lose the final fight?

If you choose to fake it out and skip a turn

Does that mean my soul has got to feel your slow burn?

And if you lose when you decide to bet it all

Does that mean I am not allowed give God my all?


Not today and not tomorrow, with dignity

And grace I will mold my sorrow

Into hope and into glory,

With or without you, I'll live my story,

'Cause it will unfold with unending love and shining light.

With or without you I'll get it right....

So take your tail out of here as I let it go

'Cause I'm breaking out and taking this act solo.

















A lifetime of ups and downs, scams and jams, ins and outs have left imprints upon my heart. Kept sealed behind the fabric that declares my rightful place as a mother, a daughter, a lover....

As a young, wild, reckless spirit, the lace, like a spider's web took hostage a many a night skinny dipping in pools at after parties, other girl's boyfriends, and broken hearts....

As play became pain, the lace turned to mesh. Becoming a mask to hide the twenties, the bundles, the dirty money....

Then as mesh turned to state issued fabric it became filled with fear, despair, hopelessness, and hurt....

Now that pain no longer holds the chain so tightly, it is sometimes silk, sometimes lace. Whatever the cover, the heart is maintained with love, with hope, and with a dare to dream....

A dream which was once impossible....It holds tight a mother and son whose life and love will forever be one...   


STACIE MANSEN is happy in spirit and grateful even for the dark times. Stacie is an advocate for creative healing. She is attends college in preparation for “the path that is unfolding before me.”  She says,“The key to freedom begins with yourself no matter how comfortable or coarse your outside circumstances might be.”