Flash Literature, Poetry, Art and Photography!

Stephanie Houle

(Editor's Note: Stephanie Houle serves as VFI's intern.  She offers us her perspective regarding the program and  its participants.)



Voices from Inside has quickly become something very meaningful for me.  I have gone from never having heard of this program to being one of its biggest supporters in a little over a month.  Fortunately, it didn’t take long before I was able to see its effects first hand and to attend a graduation of some of the participants.


Being in that room was so powerful. Close to thirty women were there filled with excitement. They had been brought together by sadness, by pain, and by tragedy.  VFI led them to each other and taught them to believe in themselves and each other. They learned to depend on their inner voice and the truth that it brings. 


On the day of graduation they were pronounced as writers.  They were presented with certificates, gifts, and their writings bound into a book with those of their peers.  The gift they received on the day of graduation was a journal.  The larger gift was the one that came from inside, one that most of them discovered the first day they met their facilitator - the knowledge that they have the ability to write.