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Emulation of Hamlet's Third Soliloquy - Love 


Amelia K Stevens


To love or not to love- that is the question
Weather it is easier to never love
And never face unbearable heartache
Or, to love with all of your heart
And, by loving, create dependance.

To never love, blocking raw emotions-
Extinct- and by never loving you never get
The melting heart feeling, the twinkle in your eyes
That love offers-
'Tis a predicament
I do not wish to face.

To love, to have a passion
To love, perhaps to much. Ay, thats the problem,
For in loving comes unforeseen changes in events
When we love we become oblivious
We often forget to stop and think
That is the problem
That makes love a disastrous task.

For who really wants to have love
Relying on others
Your partners annoying mannerisms,
The disappointment felt when one fails you,
The constant company that can't be escaped,
The compromising that you have to face,
And the heart breaks
When you realize that you don't get butterflies anymore
When they too seem to disappear
Then, have you wasted  your time?

Who would subject themselves to that pain,
The feeling like you have become someone else,
But that feeling that you may be missing out on love,
The can't eat- can't-sleep- feeling of happiness
The lovers talk about
While we are questioning it all
Wishing we would have taken that leap
Instead of avoiding the inevitable?

Thus the fear of missing out makes lovers of all of us,
And therefor the thought of not loving
Is tainted by the thoughts of lost feelings,
And ideas of avoiding heartache
Cut short with realization of missing out
And we lose the shield and accept the truth.



Motivation: I was inspired after reading Hamlet

Bio:I am a student who lives in Northern Maine and enjoy writing poetry. I live with my family and am very happy and content with where I am in my life right now.

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