Flash Literature, Poetry, Art and Photography!

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My Dear Creative:


What makes Shine! shine?


I like work that makes me think or makes me laugh or makes me cry. Work that makes me "feel" holds special appeal. I like new AND experienced storytellers, poets, artists and photographers!


Unless specifically announced, there is no particular theme.  Send your best work and be assured that I'll view and/or read with genuine care. 



Pay attention to the following before submitting please.




All published works are also archived online and may be featured in print anthologies. All rights revert to the authors after publication in SHINE! We ask that we be advised if the work is or has been published elsewhere.


Please spellcheck and proofread your work carefully.




Please do NOT indent paragraphs in your short stories and articles.


Please SINGLE space within paragraphs and DOUBLE space between paragraphs.


For poems: Please SINGLE space within stanzas and DOUBLE space between stanzas.  


Word documents are appreciated as other formats are difficult- and often impossible- to open. 

I do not read or  keep submissions which are not properly formatted.

I may make small edits to your work.

Payment: None at this time but SHINE! is working on it! 


Simultaneous submissions are ok as long as you advise if  your work is published elsewhere.


Previously published  work is ok so long as you provide name of previous publisher so we can confirm the rights to publish. 


Flash Fiction - Up to 1000 words. All genres welcome. Up to three stories at a time may be submitted.


Articles - Up to 1000 words. Prefer articles about the writing experience. Up to three articles at a time may be submitted.


Poems of no more than 100 (NOT 1000)  lines  - rhyming ok.  Submit no more than three poems at a time.


Use our form below to attach your submission Mail which includes attachments, will be deleted without being read. 


Art and Photography-no more than three at once.


Send  other email to:



The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) forbids the collection of data from children under the age of 13 . SHINE! accepts submissions and email only from those who are over the age of 13.

I am age 14 or over. (Must be age 14 or over to submit ANYTHING) *
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