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The Shine Journal : The Light Left Behind is an online magazine focusing exclusively on the experience of loss and grief. We seek all forms of writing: non-fiction (essays and reviews too!) all to 2000 words, short fiction to 2000 words, poetry, art and photography. We understand there is a wide spectrum of writing on loss of many kinds. It extends to stories of death and dying of ourselves or loved ones, the death of a beloved pet, the loss of something dear or the loss of memory- our own or someone else's. Whatever the loss, something remains which we term The Light Left Behind. This is an evolving publication and will likely change and grow each time it is published. Currently this is a non paying market but we hope this will change eventually.


** 5 Step Submission Guidelines**

1. Simultaneous, Pre  viousy Published  submissions are fine. Up to three submissions at any one time (three poems, two stories and one poem, etc.) are acceptable.If more than three submissions are sent, the submission will be deleted without any notice to you.

2. You may submit any time.

3. Attachments accepted only for artwork and photography. Please send your literature, poetry, articles, etc. submissions in the body of your email (No Attachments) as follows:

Subject: (Type of Submission and word/line count) Fiction 978 words, Poem 30 Lines, One photograph

Body of email:

Single space paragraphs

Double space between each paragraph

Left side justified

















4.Next add your brief bio.

5.Put your name and contact information at the end of your work.

A sure way to NOT get your material read is the failure to follow these guidelines. The next quickest way is to address your submission "Dear Editor" as opposed to using my name!

Send you submissions to


Pamela Tyree Griffin, Editor

You may send inquiries, observations, requests etc. to this address as well as your submissions.



Contact Editor: Pamela Tyree Griffin

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