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Twilight Dream


Payam Sudhakaran


Twilight. I’m in the middle of a dream.
Intense flow of the brook
Moist-laden wind, murmur of the trees
The brook is a bride, placid and coy

I’m now in the stream. Currents are strong.
The strong undercurrents.

The brook is now wild. I’m feeling her love.
Her love is wet. I’m drenched in love

I’m now flowing with her.
Fast and full-bodied.
The brook twines around me. Wrapping me around.

She pants. Now she is all huffs and hisses.
The brook whispers. Her voice is soft
Her velvety touch.

Now I kiss her. Cuddle her. I’m passionate
This is good. It feels so good.
Her lips are sweet. She turns into a fairy.

My dream is now a melody.
Brook is a song. The fairy turns into a song.
The song grows to a crescendo
Pitch upsurges.

The dream doesn’t have an end. My endless dream.
Now, only the song.

Payam Sudhakaran is a loner. He as associate editor of Hyderabad Journal who lives in Hyderabad, India. Traveling, reading and observing people are hobbies. He's in love with an upcoming singer who is half his age...

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