The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond









Mike J. Sullivan





Limo or bus gamblers arrive in style
Common thread to ante up awhile
Low and highbrows coalesce
arced at spun roulette wheel
Parsimonious tip Courtesy wins smiles
Welcome hopefuls to our tables
Can booty cover charged clothes labels?
Will cotton become sable?
Place bet on big clicking circle
Shake hands with slot machines
Pretty colors rolling unfolding dreams
Sum nine in baccarat Royal flush poker
Steeplechase life midst sense of humor
Luck my friend looms nonpareil

Pull handle on private wishing well
Tip umbrella drinks Hear jackpot bell
Keep bucks for casino dinner show
Gauzy gamblers sip bubbly but bobble up
when incoming jingles fill empty cups
Boardwalk flat bottom cloud shuffles soaker
Window shop slowly not in a rush
Compliment the wife Then watch her blush
Hear lone sax pant or soothing guitar say
Greet curling waves They swam a long way
Sunset strollers deserve snazzy suite
Behold sunrise Walk latent beauty in sun
Renew senior times Enjoy rebound fun

Michael J sulliva says he's lucky to have poems in Mattia International Poetry Competition Wilderness House Literary Review Grandmothers' Necklass In De Arts Aquillrelle.

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