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Poems by Shelly Wiseberg






Playing both sides of the fence in a political game.


Traitors with sensitive information of total disorderly

conduct, secret weapons of mass destruction,

oil fields with no reduction, cost of living going up,

with paychecks staying the same.


Many losses without any gains, consumers hit with higher taxes,

upper and lower classes, from rich to poor keeping the score,

of soldiers killed, toning down the death toll of coffins hidden.


A chess move using many pawns ,of enemy bombs,

strapped to their waists fighting for causes executed in haste

taking people down in religious faith.


More troops sent in never making it home, fatherless families

continue to mourn for their loved ones battered and torn.


Freedoms and liberties lost, in countries of chaos,

of massive loss.





Cornered in the heart

off to the side

a prism of color

nerve endings wired

for sound and artistry

in the depth of the collage

circling the beats of creativity.


Laying in its beauty

refined in detail

a centerpiece, or worn around the throat

of speaking ideas.


Seen from every angle of imagination

then drawn on paper

sent out as a masterpiece of love

vibrant images

in a rainbow of display.






Shelly Wiseberg is a published author of four books of poetry, written from her own personal viewpoints on a variety of subjects.
Her collection of poetry speaks from the heart and soul of one on the path of healing oneself spiritually and looking inward for the answers through listening to one's inner voice; using intuition as your guide.

Shelly lives in Montreal Quebec, Canada with her husband Tom and their two cats. This is her second appearance on SHINE!
Her email address is


Freedom Fighter I am deeply concerned about the war in Iraq.
It is a massive loss of freedom and liberty at a very high cost for the love of country…More losses than gains without any positive solution in sight. I think about what people will do for power and control with no regard for anyone else but themselves.

Artist Eyes was written for all the creative people who start off with an idea through imagination, then creating it with passion, and artistry, from thought to action. Whether it is writing poetry, music, making things with your hands, it is from from the artist's eyes.

Day In The Office
Because it is such a money oriented society...It is a fast paced world in hustling and bustling around to make a buck and to be at the top of the corporate ladder.