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"Battle Formation"




"Nude in Waiting"

oil on canvas 35x58in.

"Running Figures"

Oil on Canvas




"The Fort"





The talented RAVI BEDI is the Artist in Residence (AIR) for 2008. His works have appeared in The Shine Journal before and show a range of artistry that is very exciting.  RAVI, who is also a writer, insists that he has no classical training in art which makes his work even more astounding. In addition to this gallery, you may visit the archives to see more of his wonderful artwork.


RAVI BEDI  is a retired engineer from the Indian Air Force and is a self-taught artist painting in oils for the last 40 years. His heart has always been into creative pursuits: painting, sculpture, and music. He paints what he sees around him in his own way. Colors and the enormous beauty of nature fascinate him.


Says BEDI, "Now blissfully retired and settled in the historic city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, I dabble in painting and writing. Nothing satisfies me more than creating something beautiful on the canvas or out of clay… or on the Yamaha when I'm in the right mood.  My works are mostly with private collectors…and in my basement! "



"Sun Over The Rocks"

Oil On Paper -- 27 x 32 in


"The Trees"

Oil on canvas -- 34 x 35 in

(Trees At Sundown)



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