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Mar Angela Tolliver - Owino


Something like Heaven


When I lay next to you, breathing your smell,

Or you stir in your sleep and I hold you close

Without touching you,

So soft are your kisses, taking my breath away,

Bringing me somewhere far away.


It’s the moments that elapse while we hold

Each other so close I can’t tell

Where my body stops and yours begins.

When you take me in your eyes and

Hold me there…

Sometimes…just sometimes,

Either at the sound of your laugh

Or the sight of your walk,

I drift away to another place.


The day I first really saw you

In all your magnificence…

Sometimes, most times,

Every time I’m with you it feels

Like I’ve just been to heaven.

BIO: Mar Angela Tolliver-Owino  writes with the VFI group at the women's correctional facility in Chicopee, MA


Photo: Laura Glover

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Editor: Pamela Tyree Griffin

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