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Two Poems By Thomas Faulkner



            On making...                                                  
      seconds, minutes, hours and days
           pass grandly.

           And letting...                                                
      anger, rage & the demon that bays                                 
           thru blandly.






          When you passed
                               the opportunity
                                      to stay
                                 another day
  slipped away...and we began missing you.


THOMAS says "I just turned 53 on Feb 12th. I'm what they used to call a professional bachelor. My professions have included, construction worker, social worker, psychologist, ski instructor and bartender to name a few. I have had cancer twice (Hodgkin's Disease, last time was 13 years ago). My older sister died after her 2nd bout of breast cancer. She found a lump after returning from 'Desert Storm' "

His motivation? "I'm not really sure. I came up with it just before I got my 2nd bout of Hodgkin's Disease. I've used it as a 'mantra' when dealing with tough life situations. After my older sister died in  my mom got very depressed. She died in May of '99 and dad followed in July. I was caretaker for them."

TOM says he wrote the second poem when his mother passed away.