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The Monster Under The Bed




Amber Stults




The monster under my bed is black, white and brown.  His teeth are sharp but he hardly ever uses them.  My monster’s ears are so big he can hear someone approaching the bedroom from the bottom step on the staircase.  Sometimes I see the tip of his black nose or the feathery fuzz of an ear.  I hear and feel him move under the bed.  A long pink tongue won’t always fit in his mouth.  He will lick my ankle – perhaps he’s hungry and wants a small taste?


Perhaps it’s because I’m older or maybe I’m just used to him.  My fear of the monster has turned into laughter.  After all, who else has a monster afraid of trucks hiding under the bed?


Says Amber: "During May 2008 I participated in a writing challenge consisting of a short story a day based on a writing prompt. This particular story was based on the prompt "Write about the monster under the bed". I based the monster on my dog, Sammy." 


The Verdict


Avis  Hickman - Gibb



Abigail slowly stumbled down the dirty, worn steps of the Infirmary.  The weather was dismal.  It was raining fit to float a tug away, and the wind howled around her head, tugging at her scarf.  Her tears scattered unheeded down her face.  What a day.

What an absolutely gorgeous day, its beauty could not be disguised.  She stopped at the bottom step and gulped in the cold wonderful air, smiling at some random passerby.  That smile grew to a grin and spread between both ears.  She laughed, gaily.  She could tell the family, now.

Such a wonderful word.  Benign!  

 Says Avis:"My inspiration is the twists and turns of life ! "



Avis  Hickman - Gibb



Panting, I peer through the rear view mirror. The streetlight glows orange-the dull, thick, light picking out random folds on the shapeless mound behind me.


Is he moving?


I can’t tell.


With shaking hands I ram the gearbox into reverse and clutch the wheel. Then revving the engine hard, I whiz drunkenly towards my Ex. Will goingback over him finish the job? Who knows?


But I’m going to try.