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One Word Songs




Vinay Benjamin



"Papa?" she sang over phone lines,

Tremulously vibrant,

That word summoned all tenderness,

Time stood by, obeisant.

That enchanting moment was hallowed,

Flushed me with gentleness,

Kaleidoscope of the past brought back,

An intact image, vividly real


Perched on my shoulder, as a toddler,

She’d crooned, an ecstatic bird,

Hummed tunes of love, in my ear,

That bubbling joy helped her rehearse.

A young woman now, she's retained,

Magical timbre of this unique address,

An endearment, fondly expressed,

And, possessively affectionate


If a papa of this world is deeply moved,

On hearing his beloved child,

Far greater is the papa of universes moved,

When men implore, "Abba” in earnest voice.

Every song need not rely on lyrics,

Or musical score to truly delight,

For solace to touch the depths of the soul,

One-word songs often suffice!



Vinay Benjamin shares...

A graphic designer by profession, VINAY BENJAMIN was born in Vrindavan, a small village in India 39 years ago. He attributes his education to his mother who believed that ALL had a right to share the world equally. I'm the proud father of a lovely daughter and son who have figured in my writings. 

He says, " I'm a poet by choice and my most ardent wish is to touch other minds and hearts with the written word as much as being stirred and inspired by the written thoughts of others. I believe in LOVE implicitly and the power it possesses to transform hearts and THAT is my sole attempt within this wonderful community of writers who experiment wth the written word to reach out in this vast continuum of hearing and being heard ."

Vinay has not yet disclosed the motivation for this poem.