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Editor's Note: Virginia M.'s photograph appears again because I had her name incorrect in an earlier issue. I want to give credit properly so please enjoy, once again, her lovely photograph for the rest of August.



©2007 Virginia M.


VIRGINIA M. shares...

"I am a native of Virginia, but have lived most of my life in the N.E Tennessee area. My dad is the one that mostly helped me develop a love for words. He told me stories and sang songs to me as a child, and helped me write my first poem when I was in the fourth grade. I didn't write much as a teenager, but after being married and having children, I began writing again. I wrote mostly poetry. Much of it was religious and some of which I read in church.  I have not published, but at this time in my life, I plan to pursue my writing and accomplish this life long goal."

Editor's Note: Virginia M.  may be familiar to you. Although this is her first photographic submission to SHINE!, her writing has appeared previously and you may visit the archives to read.