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Upon The Shores of England


Virginia Mitchell


The bridal veil's been lifted,
The honeymoon is over.
All well-wishers have come and gone,
And have now left us on our own.

He is off to make some money,
Each day he works real hard,
And with a smile upon his face,
Returns in evening to our simple little place.

I now miss my family,
That lives across the Pond,
And with too much idle time to think,
What was once our love boat, now begins to sink.

The banks begin to call.
The credit cards are maxed.
What was at first a fairytale,
Our love so fresh, turned so quickly stale.

Goodbyes are made,
And assets are divided,
But, even as I go, some of my heart will always be,
There in England, across the sea.



Virginia Mitchell Shares

I am a native of Virginia, but have lived most of my life in the N.E Tennessee area. My dad is the one that mostly helped me develop a love for words. He told me stories and sang songs to me as a child, and helped me write my first poem when I was in the fourth grade. I didn't write much as a teenager, but after being married and having children, I began writing again. I wrote mostly poetry. Much of it was religious and some of which I read in church.  I have not published, but at this time in my life, I plan to pursue my writing and accomplish this life long goal.

I was inspired to write this poem because a friend of mine met someone while on a cruise. He is from England, but, after the cruise, has made special effort to come be with her in her native Tennessee. They may marry, and if so, she will move to live in England. I truly hope she can overcome any obstacles, and remain happy with her knight in shinning armour. I wish them both the best!