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A Poem by V. Jane Schneelock


















The child’s tears

soak through a borrowed pillow,

but her sobs travel

past the paned window

into the blue ether of the universe.

How many other cries

slice through cumulous and cirrus

without shedding a drop of red rain?

Not the little dipper,

nor even the big

can hold these cries

that reach higher and higher,

hoping to find

the warm breast of a god

who will smile and feed them

the sweet milk of shelter.



Recently retired after teaching English for 35 years, V. JANE SCHNEELOCK currently serves as office manager and editor of Backstage for the Drama Studio in Springfield, Massachusetts. She has served as co-facilitator for the Community Group and the Pre-Release Group of Voices from Inside. She now edits the VFI website.

Her poetry has been published in Equinox, Hello,Goodbye; Peregrine; Poetic Voices Without Borders; and the online anthology
Survivors Review. 

JANE lives in Springfield with her devoted Lhasa Apso, Riley.