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Senses Fail
Holly Vobroucek 
 Death is never as horrendous as people claim. 
 One moment you’re alive.  The next, gone.  Couldn’t be simpler.  And that
 whole thing about seeing your life flash before your eyes?  Not true.  As
 the air is slowly but surely being cut off from your windpipe, your lungs
 shrieking for oxygen, all senses are lost.  The callused hands that are
 wrapped around your throat, gripping with brute strength, disappear.  The
 low hum of the radiator, a silent witness, becomes null.
 Darkness engulfs your vision.  
 There’s no room for unnecessary musing at this point.  Childhood memories
 are forgotten.  The smiling face of your lover, repressed.  Cellar walls,
 tunneling out of sight, are replaced with black.  Your brain, pulsing,
 throbbing, becomes one with the shadows.  
 With the obscurity comes peace.  
 In the last few moments before your essence is taken completely, you
 surrender to tranquility.  No sounds heard, no pleas made with God. 
 Slowly drifting into a wakeless slumber, death becomes inevitable. 
 Acceptance is crucial.  In reality, the afterlife may be a better option
 than the currentlife.


Motivation: Senses Fail was created for an assignment in which we  had to write a poem based off of a news story.  I chose the recent murder of a Yale student.

Bio: Holly Vobroucek is a freshman in college at UWM, and has been inspired to submit some of her work through a creative writing class in which she is currently enrolled.


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