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Voices From Inside


Voices From Inside (VFI), is a program comprised of  very special women writers who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. Like many writers, these women bring their feelings and experiences as they bare their souls putting "pen to paper".  

While their works are subject to the same guidelines as any other submissions, the authors and facilitators of the program, make the selections. And this is my opportunity to share their writing with you and to thank them for sharing with The Shine Journal. A special thanks to Robin Glenn who has worked diligently to bring these writers' works to us. Thanks also to the members of VFI for their support of this collaboration.

Please read and enjoy their respective talents as reflected in their contributions. Each is listed on the sidebar with the rest of the marvelous writers of The Shine Journal family.  


Please meet this year's VFI contributors.

Melissa Blackmore

Ms. Booher

April Eastman

Vanessa Fulton

Sarah Lemanski

Cynthia Moore

Yvette Rodriguez

Nga Truong


Previous Contributors

Peggie Britton

Felicia Gomez

Daisy   Hernandez

Krystinia Kulia

Kim Lombardi

Tara Lopez

Kelly Lynch

Nijga McQuarley

Sonia Mendez

Alexis Powers

Freedom Smith

Nga Truong


Erica Baker

Madeline Diaz

Christina Hall

Daisy Hernandez

Joanna Langeuin

Jeannine Leclair

Lynn Maroney

Nigjam McQuarley

Mildred Mims

Moana Rawlins

Nilsa Rosado

Mar Angela Tolliver

Click the pics to meet the members!


Editor: Pamela Tyree Griffin

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