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David Byron Waltz




I see the walls close to my soul

Within the confines of my inner self

Seeing myself within the walls

Despair spilling from my eyes


I see nothing but a desolate place

Within the confines of these walls

Tasting nothing but the bitterness

Words filled with the same


I reach to grab hold of the nothingness, escape

From the confines of these walls

To relieve myself of the burdens

But there is nothing, no one, only the barrier of the walls


My hand strikes the walls

Time and time again

Until realization surfaces, escape is futile

From within the warren of the wanton walls


Walls to the left

Walls to the right

Walls to the front and behind


I am lost within the walls

The walls of the soul

Snug, like an unborn child


Stationary, Surrounded


Wastefully waiting for the walls to fall.


BIO: David Byron Waltz lives in the Atlanta area. He is a former journalist who is now devoting his time to write fiction and peotry full time, actively trying to publish his work.

MOTIVATION: With Walls I put myself in a depressive state and wrote how I was feeling. I wasn't depressed at the time of writing but I think was able to express how I felt in the past. Years after writing this poem I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder and I've only recently found this poem written in 1993. It struck home since I experience more depression than mania.

Graphic  By: Dez Pain

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