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Three From Christian Ward





The Hurricane as a Metaphor for Faith





Our bodies were curved

into empty parentheses

in the corridor whilst we

waited for the hurricane


to pass through our area,

our shadows giving off

secrets that we’d breathe

in, feel burning our lungs.


Coughing up the words

in the morning after it left,

we’d notice the letters bent

like the feathers of a bird


trying to escape the presence

of something indefinable,





The Source





Now that grandfather’s tumors have started

collapsing the timbers of his organs, his body

has started to stink. Nurses hold their breaths


when changing his sheets, giving him food

and water. The daffodils in the vase by his

windows have turned away, shut their petals.


I ignore them when sitting down by his side

to read him the newspaper, tell him of daily

happenings. When it increases in intensity,


I smile and remember reading how the ark,

filled with putrid smells from 151 days

of travelling, beached itself on the summit


of a mountain and all known life crept out

from that foul smelling source.










You cannot dream of winter

happening because it is always

there in the background,

whatever month it is. Walking

along a pier in August you

will hear it grinding against

the iron legs, in the gulls’ mews.

Sitting on the porch in April,

you will feel it rubbing against

your legs, turning your skin

white as milk. Fake a surprise look

in November when snow falls,

ignore the glimpse of ice behind

your parents’ eyes.






BIO: Christian Ward is a London based poet currently moonlighting as a freelance journalist. His chapbook, Bone Transmissions, will be released in March 2009 courtesy of Maverick Duck Press.

MOTIVATION: The first piece was about my experience with faith as a child, the second was about a personal tragedy and the third was based on my observations of winter and how it never really seemed to go away.


Photo by: Craig Goodwin



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