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Two From Sister Nancy Welsh, ssj



Be a Light Unto Yourself





“Be a light unto yourself,” says the Buddha.


Keep the fire within stoked, lest it dwindle


and render you lukewarm.   Like the phoenix,


rise again from ashes.  Be a finy flame melded


with Spirit-fire, separate, yet one.



Hunker down when cold winds blow;


be grateful for gentle rain.


See numinous Presence in all that is,


leaving you speechless, amazed.



“Drop down dew, oh heavens,”


upon our weary, war-torn world;


come, Spirit-healer, count me as your


wounded healer, too.


“Be a light unto yourself,” spreading outward,


between cracks in earthen vessels.


Be a light invisible, yet seen.


Be a particle of the Great Light, shining forth.


Humbly, be a tiny flame.










God sings wisdom through all creation, carried on


the winter winds and soft spring rains.


Wisdom ripples over wheatfields, tosses autumn


leaves about and rides on sultry summer air.


Waves and waves burst forth forever,


deep calls unto deep; living water penetrates the


very roots of human nature, calling out: “Rise,


stand tall and live!”



Wisdom, ageless, yet ever new, “ripe-appled”


goodness, bearing a woman’s name,


guiding all who turn to her, feminine face of the


great “I am.”    Sophia, holy Wisdom, resplendent,


shining,  blowing wildly, flowing gently, 


 god-air everywhere.

SR. NANCY WELSH, ssj shares...


"As a Sister of St. Joseph,  I have been an elementary school teacher and
later on, pastoral assistant engaged in parish work.  As one of four
sisters who founded "Hope House" offering programs for women and children
in need, this was part of my ministry also.  Currently, I am working on
developing my skills as an aspiring writer." 


"To give voice to my truest self in the 'seat of the soul' through poetry."