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Two From Josh Whitt




I saw where he was or
had been last week
the self-said old man
with the fluorescent lights
glaring off his scalp,
his eyes ringed red
lying to me about his time off
saying "it was the best thing
that could have happened"

I had things to say, I had
experience, could have offered,
"it's like a shot twixt the eyes;
you never expect it, when they go"
and if you need anything, and all that
but knowing him he would have said,
before the trip with his wife to chemo,
"silly wabbit, twixt are for kids."



Thank you for
letting me
be loved, for those
minor touches
of grace that come
in the morning
when lovers' hands

our laughter
our smiles two
half-moons lighting
the night above
your earth and sky.




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Bio:  Josh Whitt is a software developer and is currently working to finish his degree ("the dot com profiteers bribed me to go to work instead").  Whitt's fiction has appeared in Andwerve, The Green Silk Journal, and Skive Magazine.


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