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Ever After




Daniel Wilcox

" In A Blur"  Photo by: Benjamin Earwicker


Waking up close to you,

Covered in our morning’s lips caress

Like the 'night's seal to a sleeping princess,

Pressed to the warm honeycomb

Slowly, firmly, deeply

Into one of position and passion,


Our hearts’ felt vow

The rainbow of our arrowed heart,
Protecting our intertwined soul and body
That we not be tempted

But delivered from the

Adulterous moment.


For an eternal now choosing

True love so royal

From time to time to time,

Through the first falling up

On mount passion's peak

High above the desert of briefness,

We begin new blossoming life

With the snapping of the top

And the splash

Of champagne on a sun-covered table,

And the burgundy bottle never empties

And the moon lights our room

On our wedding night over and over,

You all in white lace

Warm in my embrace

And ever after.

My Bio: Daniel Wilcox earned his degree in Creative Writing from Cal State University, Long Beach. A former activist, teacher, and wanderer--from Montana to the Middle East-- he casts his lines out upon the world's turbulent waters and wide shores in Moria, The Writer's Eye, Tipton Poetry Journal, Word Catalyst, Oak Bend Review, etc. Poems will soon be published in Frame Lines and Wild Violet. A short story, "The Faces of Stone" based on his time in the Middle East, was published in both The Danforth Review and Danse Macabre. Recently, Daniel completed a novel and a poetry collection. He lives on the central coast of California with his mysterious wife and youngest son.

My Motivation : Ever After reminiscing on the ideal of romantic love

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