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Catching a Future


William Falo


Taking off his apron, Scotty Barlow said to Curtis, "I’ll take him, he won’t escape."

Jimmy struggled but couldn’t get free from the grocer’s grip. Cutting meat gave him uncanny arm strength.

"Listen, mister," Jimmy said. "I didn’t do anything wrong. Let me go."

"You stole fruit, tomatoes are fruit. I bet you didn’t know that. I also know you weren’t going to eat them."

"Man, this is bogus. I just forgot to pay, that’s all."

Scotty smiled. "You also forgot to stop at the register." He noticed a bead of sweat dripping down Jimmy’s forehead as he led him into his office.

"Sit down, Jimmy." Scotty sat behind an old wooden desk littered with store coupons and notebooks. He pushed them aside to see Jimmy eye to eye.

"Man, you need a computer."

Scotty looked up with a smile. "You’re right, but I’m not computer literate and I can’t afford to pay someone to do it with the new Shoprite taking business away." He looked closer at Jimmy. He wore no designer clothes. "Tell me, why tomatoes?"

"To be honest, I was going to toss them at some dude who ragged on me because of my clothes. Listen mister, I can’t afford to get into trouble, my mom will kill me and she’s out of work now." His eyes looked wet.

"Your name is Connors and you live right around the corner. Am I right?"


"How about I don’t call the police and you come here three times a week after school and help me organize these papers? I’ll bring in my old computer; you can set it up and teach me. I’ll also pay you a little."

Jimmy wiped his forehead, "I guess so, I think I would like that."

Scotty filled out some papers and walked Jimmy out the door. He noticed him smiling.

Curtis dashed over, "I thought you were going to send him home in a police car."

"No, he’s going home with a job and maybe a future, instead." He put his apron on and went back to work.

Later, he went home, turned on his new computer and sat down to a lonely dinner.


WILLIAM FALO shares...

WILLIAM FALO is married and the father of two beautiful daughters . He loves spending time with his family, reading, and writing short stories. Writing a novel is his dream. His fiction has been published in the Northwoods Journal and is forthcoming in Sage of Consciousness.

His inspiration comes from real life experiences and stories. The courage of others and the magical unexplained events of life are especially inspiring to him. WILLIAM FALO may be reached at: