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Lost In Springtime




Cheryl Williams




Oh, to be lost in springtime!…

where lilacs scent the air
and cherry blossoms fall like snow
upon the green earth;
To be lost in love's sweet bliss,
that whirlwind of longing,
the perpetual springtime
of the heart, where
winter's chill
is but a distant stranger,
frozen in time.
Tiny buds spring forth,
opening to sunlight;
Without fear,
vulnerable and greedy,
they soak it all in.
Oh, to love with such abandon,
as if winter will never arrive,
lost in that sweet promise of spring.


BIO: Cheryl has been writing since the age of 15. She has been published in various journals and magazines. Cheryl enjoys writing both short fiction and poetry and has won awards in both categories.

MOTIVATION: I hope that my writing will inspire the reader to think, to grow, and to feel something deep inside.

Photo by: Lynn Cummings

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