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Robin Gavin Wooten


Lately, when I wake up and my joints are sore and my knees hurt, I think about the cycle of life. I used to think my parents, aunts (blood and relationship), and uncles, at the ages of 40+ were really "old people." Well, out of 13 children, my mother (88), her sister, (in her 90's) and her brother (85ish) are the only ones still alive out of the 13 "old people" and they have given me all that I've needed spiritually, financially and emotionally to be successful and retire ten years before many people are able.

My brothers and I, all over fifty, are now "the old people" in our family and that is a very humbling thought.

No, I am not saddened by this. I had and still have a great life. My husband is awesome and I will be able to spend qualitytime with my mother. I just pray that I have given and will continue to give to my nieces, nephews, step-grandchildren, and students powerful, rewarding and positive life changing experiences that will help them as they travel on their own cycle of life.

I embrace being older-despite the aches and pains because I understand - THE CYCLE OF LIFE!

Robin Gavin Wooten, was and is an educator, leader and friend to many. She hails from Texas via New England. This is her first appearance in The Shine Journal. 

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