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Three From Lisa Zoellick


In the deep waters

Of midnight’s dusky arms

Gentle souls collide.


A cool, glittering embrace

Beneath the moon’s

Jealous stare.


Clear in my mind

Is the tide of desire

As I dive into you.


The sweetness of your lips

So decadent

As they yield against mine.


So tender is the surrender-

Your blissful expression

Burned into my memory.


But it ends too soon-

With twilight’s soft haste,

Stretching into slumber.


And I am left alone,

Only the sweet scent of you

To comfort me.



Open Door



If I could see you again,

Bathed in a wash

Of morning light-


Or talk with you again,

Drinking in the heady brew

Of your conversation-


If I could walk,

A short while

In your company-


The loss of you,

Would not be felt

So acutely by my heart.





Sonnet 1



At night I recall your gentle caress

The softness of these sheets beneath us two.

The memories bring back such happiness.

It fills my mind with other thoughts of you.


Your attentions spoke of such devotion.

Never did I think your actions untrue.

You spoke to me with such keen emotion.

It did not take long before I loved you.


But now as I think of you, truth be told,

I remember your clever guise of charm

And I am left at once feeling so cold,

Never knowing deceit could do such harm.


Such are the repercussions of desire

The truth puts out love’s lust and torrid fire.



LISA ZOELLICK lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and four girls. She is currently pursuing a degree in Anthropology at the University of Houston. In her spare time she loves to read and write poetry. She can be contacted at
"At the time of this writing I was remembering my youth and the sometimes intense love that only too soon would depart leaving me wanting to recapture those feelings and sometimes still do want to recapture over and over again."
Open Door:
"This writing is about love lost. Whether is be romantic or familial, and it is a yearning to have one more moment with them to maybe say things that had not been said before saying good bye."
"Instead of writing a poem trashing an ex I decided to be dignified in my wrath and this is what evolved from that anger. I ended up feeling better and turned out a nice bit of work."


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