The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond

 Offerings by Liza Zoellick










 I drink of you still,

 Heady and languorous,

 Till I sit in a clouded



 I am intoxicated

 By remnants of you;

 A card penned, “I love you”

 A lingering wedding band.


 I am the worst kind of addict-

 Indulging in the misery,

 Drowning in my despair,

 Easier than to be alone-


 I’ve convoluted myself

 Into thinking you are here,

 That those memories can make up

 For the ghost of you-


 I’m terrified-

 Hitting that bottom-


 That you are gone-

 The thought of it is unbearable.

 A pain so suffusing

 My gut wrenches

 And agony seizes me-


 They tell me it will pass.

 This only makes you stronger.

 What do they know, really?

 Not when I’m dying inside.


 But I am his.

 I’ve always been his,

 Since that first look and smile.



 And despite this void

 I will cling to you.

 Until the scattered pictures of us

 Fade into nothingness.






 Alienated of your affection I am lost.

 Adrift on a sea of unknowing and mindless with fear-

 And I am left, clinging to what is left of

 The pieces of my broken heart-


 Oh how I wish for merrier days

 When the sun shone brightly on our love-

 When all seemed so richly aspiring

 And we were doubtless of our capabilities.


 The mists and shadows grow with

 Ever consuming doubts-

 A weight heavy on my chest

 Burdening each breath I take.


 Am I lost to you, like a shadow lost in night?

 An echoing memory in your heart now intangible

 And lost-

 Like tears are lost at sea?


 Please say not.

 Press your hand against my cheek and say

 I promise, even if it is with heavy heart-

 We will endure.




 Griffin and the Dove



 You soared high above

 Eclipsing me with your greatness

 And I could only weep for your beauty.


 Majestic and breathtaking

 I stood in the shadow

 Unsure of how I fit in your life.


 But O, I’m enraptured

 Your beauty and your grace

 Do dazzle these humble eyes.


 My wings beat hard against this wind

 In pursuit of your

 Quickness, I’m afraid I might not make it.


 You fly higher and higher

 The air growing thinner and thinner

 The words faint in my head.


 “Good night fair griffin,”

 “A thousand times goodnight.”

 Before I swiftly plummeted to land-


 My heart bruised

 And my body battered,

 But I was alive and well.


 It would not be

 The dove and the griffin,

 The story goes on till this day.


 He meets her

 Flying high in the sky,

 A love unrequited. 







Liza Zoellick  is a wife and a mother to four beautiful girls in Texas. She is in college studying  Anthropology at the University of Houston.


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